How do I use the laser cutter




  • Access to the laser cutter is available for limited times on Monday – Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm when CED staff are present. 
  • The Tech Staff is authorized to revoke laser privileges or demote user levels immediately for safety reasons or policy violations   
  • The Tech Staff has the final say on the materials and operation of the laser cutter and can prohibit use at any time  
  • Users may only operate the machines during approved reserved times  


Required Laser Cutter Training  

  • The laser cutter is used for educational, non-commercial purposes only. The laser cutter is for modeling, prototyping, and experimentation, not for mass production. All users must read and understand the training information and successfully complete a project-based training session, which covers how to operate the laser cutter. After completion of training, the expectation is that the user can independently operate the laser cutter safely.   
  • CED staff do not create items on the laser cutter for patrons and do not perform Vector/Graphics editing for patrons.   
  • Users supply their own materials. No other materials may be used.  
  • Patrons must provide documented evidence that material is safe for use with laser cutter i.e. label on material, receipt.  

Laser Cutter Information and Procedures


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