What is the difference between raster and vector when laser cutting/engraving?


For the purpose of operating the laser engraver Vector lines are any line whose weight falls between .001” and .007”. All other lines/objects are Raster.

  • Raster is used for marking or engraving
  • Vector is used to make thin line drawings or to make cuts
  • Vector lines engrave/cut faster than raster objects
  • Fills and shading are raster objects
  • Only Vector will work when sending a job from AutoCAD
  • Notes on Using Vector
    • Objects and text should be unfilled and drawn with the thinnest possible outline (other than zero) A .001 inch (.025mm) line weight is recommended
    • Vector objects should be on a separate layer from non-vector objects and that layer should be above layers containing non-vector objects
    • For easier job management differentiate between vector lines that are drawn and vector lines that are cut by placing them on separate layers and drawing them in different colors


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