How do I Reduce a Powerpoint Slideshow?


Powerpoint slideshows can quickly become huge files, especially if you're including a lot of images scanned or exported at high resolution. Reducing the file size not only makes your slideshow more portable, it makes the presentation more efficient be reducing load times.

To do this, select an image in your slideshow, go to the Picture Tools menu, then click Compress Pictures. You can compress only the selected picture, but most often you'll want to compress all at once. The 150 ppi resolution option will typically work great for most presentations. The best way to get comfortable with image quality at the resolutions offered is to make a couple of versions--one at 150 ppi and one at 220 ppi, for example--and see if you can tell a difference. Project them, or connect to a large display, and get a good look. 


  • Last Updated Sep 13, 2023
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