How do I use find me printing

What is this find me printing that I keep hearing about?


Print and seek @ CED

What is it? Allows you to install a single printer driver and be able to release the job at the closest printer to you or your destination. Better yet, it will wait for you to login to release the job, so it does not just fly off the printer and get mixed in with other print jobs.

How does it work? After you install the printer, just print to the queue as normal. The print job will wait on the server for you to login to the desired printer, or mobile app…Select your job and release it. That is, it… No more having to choose which printer to send to!

How do I get the printer driver?

  1.  Just go to\user and login.
  2. Click on “Install Printers” in the lower left of the screen in the menu bar. This will allow you to download the Mobility client for your computer.
  3. Launch the mobility print installer, and when asked to select a printer, choose: “CED Printing” then follow the remaining prompts to finish the install.

How do I use it? Now that it is installed, just follow the same procedure to print as always, only selecting “CED-Printing” from your list of printers. Double check ALL PRINT SETTINGS INCLUDING COLOR vs  B&W.

How do I release my job at the device?

  1. When you arrive at your desired printer, just log in as you normally would. On most devices, once logged in, you will be presented with a screen to either “Release Jobs” “Access Device” or “scan.”
Tanner, Denmark, 031 Printer Printer 127: you will go directly to the home screen. then use the “Print Release” button


2. Just select what you wish to release and hit the “print” button..

 When you press “Release Jobs”, You’ll then see a listing of your print jobs. Here you can select the one(s) you wish to print, tell it grayscale or color. Pressing the right arrow next to the job, brings up the settings menu
Tanner, Denmark, 031 Printer 127 JSB Document Settings


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